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Breaking News

  • The City Ave District Welcomes
    John Collins as Director of
    Operations & Public Safety

  • West Laurel Hill Donates Books
    to Local Library Friends Group

  • City Avenue Special Services
    District Celebrates Completion Of
    Streetscape Project

Next Events

  • April 24, 2014
    City Ave Lunch & Learn

Board & Staff

Terrence Foley
President & CEO 
Telephone:  610.747.0311

John Collins
Director of Operations & Public Safety
Telephone:  610.747.0311

The City Ave District is represented by a Board of Directors comprised of property owners and managers, institutional leaders, business owners, as well as many elected officials who serve as Ex-Officio members.The Board is composed of nine representatives from Philadelphia and nine from Lower Merion Township. To serve on the Board, one must be a commercial or industrial property owner, or a merchant in the District.

Board of Directors

Representative Louise Williams Bishop*
Paul Blake

Gary S. Brandeis

Neil Cain
Lita Cohen*

Representative Mary Jo Daley*

Representative Pamela DeLissio*
James S. Ettelson, Esq.*
C. Kevin Gillespie, S.J., Ph.D

Janet Giuliani
Jeffrey Goldstone
Commissioner Brian A. Gordon, Esq.*

Richard S. Gottlieb

Representative Vincent Hughes*
Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr.*

Robert Kennedy

Representative Daylin Leach*

Commissioner George T. Manos, AIA*

Commissioner C. Brian McGuire*
Susan McKee, Board Secretary

Robert O'Leary

Bernie Prazenica, Board Chairman

Commissioner Elizabeth S. Rogan*
Matthew Schure, Ph.D.,

Board Vice Chairman

John Smithson

Jonathan Spergel

Michael Woodward, Board Treasurer
Howard Wurzak

* Ex-officio

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