How I Decide


How I Decide equips youth with skills to be better decision makers throughout their lives.  Rather than telling youth what to decide, we teach them how to think clearly to make their own decisions.  We create innovative programs and instructional content to develop students’ critical thinking, social, and emotional skills.  In addition, we support research to develop new products, interventions, and instructional methods, and advocate for change in what students are taught.

Founded in 2014, How I Decide is an educational nonprofit 501(c)(3) based in Philadelphia.  Our team is composed of academics, educators, and business professionals, and our instructional content synthesizes insights from multiple disciplines ranging from mindfulness to neuroscience to the behavioral sciences.  We currently focus on students in urban, disadvantaged communities locally, and we have plans to scale our work nationally.  This school year, we have reached approximately 1,000 students with about a dozen partners, and we see enormous opportunity to scale in the next few years.