Local City Ave District Nonprofit Serving Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer

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From education to emotional and financial support, they help women navigate their illness.



Many women with early-stage breast cancer aren’t eager to hear that story. “MBC is their worst nightmare,” confirms Jean Sachs, CEO of the Bala Cynwyd-based Living Beyond Breast Cancer. “Their biggest fear is that they’ll have a reoccurrence and it will be metastatic.”


That’s understandable, says Sachs—except that it masks what’s actually good news. Thanks to advances in medicine, some MBC patients are living longer. “Ten years ago, we didn’t know about personalized medicine or have treatments that were less toxic and more effective,” Sachs says. “Now, some women live for years with MBC as a chronic illness. As that happened, the MBC community became more vocal and advocated for research, awareness and support.”


LBBC answered that call with a variety of programs, including Hear My Voice, which trains MBC patients to self-advocate. LBBC also holds an MBC-specific conference, which Griffiths describes as life-changing. “The conference has the best speakers—doctors, dieticians and other experts—and the sessions are very relevant and top-notch,” she says.



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