Physical Improvements



Physical Improvements


IMG_2399City Ave is looking good.


We’ve spent $4 million on streetscape improvements over the last five years. These include landscaping projects, new signage, physical renovations and improvements that increase pedestrian safety and encourage pedestrian activity through residential and commercial areas.


City Ave will be looking even better.


That’s because we have an additional $10 million in improvements planned over the next five years as we continue to transform the City Ave area into something special.


These improvements will include, among other things, the installation of traffic adaptive signals, to further reduce delays, clear traffic queues, allow for safer pedestrian crossing, and increase walkability throughout the District.


One example is the current Presidential Boulevard project.  It will improve pedestrian safety by reducing the number of vehicle travel lanes and slowing traffic speed.  Another project will include installation of new pedestrian crosswalks, wheelchair-accessible ramps, signal upgrades, grass medians, over 200 pedestrian-scale street lamps and a bicycle lane.