Public Safety



Public Safety


Safety first. It’s what makes City Ave so livable. Security is our top priority for residents, workers and visitors in the District.


We employ a team of full-time Community Service Representatives (CSRs). You’ll see them around, patrolling the District on bicycles.


They interact with both the Lower Merion and Philadelphia Police Departments in their mission to keep the District safe.


The CSRs are also very helpful to have around, as they can give directions, assist people with car problems, administer first aid and provide other important services.


In fact, you can contact one of our CSRs right now by clicking here.







12% – Percentage decrease in crimes in the City Ave District from 2014 to 2015.*

*Decrease in major crimes. 



18% – Percentage increase in retail contacts by CSRs from 2014 to 2015.