Zoning and Policy



Zoning & Policy


Here we grow again.


New zoning brings a vibrant new feel to City Ave. It encourages pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented, mixed-use development.


It also means more, new, better. City Ave will continue to have more street-level retail storefronts, more residential options, new public plazas and higher-quality office space.


How did we make it happen? The City Ave District worked in partnership with the City of Philadelphia to pass a zoning overlay in 2009 and Lower Merion Township to pass a rezoning ordinance in April 2012, continuing the transformation of the area.


The new zoning ordinance that permits higher density, mixed-use development means we’ll continue to be more pedestrian-friendly.


There will be more access to retail stores and businesses.


City Ave is already great and it’s going to get better.


Specifically, the new zoning:


  • Allows residential, institutional and commercial use in close proximity.


  • Incentivizes structured parking vs. vast surface lots.


  • Creates higher quality office space for businesses that want to be near Center City while avoiding congestion.


  • Encourages improvements to retail storefronts, attracting high-end retail.


  • Increases building FAR, lot coverage and building height.


  • Reduces required parking while encouraging features such as plazas, structured parking and underground parking.


  • Makes sidewalks wider and requires street landscaping.


  • Creates better pedestrian connections between sidewalks and buildings.


If you’re a real estate broker or developer interested in the City Ave area, contact Terrence Foley, President of the City Ave District at cityave@cityave.org or 610.747.0311