Serious Crime Down In Lower Merion, Annual Police Report Shows

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Serious crimes, such as murder and rape, saw a decrease in 2019, according to the Lower Merion Police Department’s Annual Report.
By Max Bennett, Patch Staff
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Sep 1, 2020 11:55 am ET

Crime is down in Lower Merion, according to the annual report.


LOWER MERION TOWNSHIP, PA — Police in Lower Merion Township released their annual report recently, and it shows overall crime is down in the township.

The annual report features many details about the department, highlighting community outreach, showcasing new vehicles, officer promotions, and more.


Also included in the report are crime statistics and according to the report overall crime has decreased over the past year.

Serious crimes — which include murder, rape, burglary, aggravated assault, and vehicle theft — decreased from 1,014 in 2018 to 930 in 2019.

That 930 figure is the lowest among the 10 years examined in the report. The highest figure was reported in 2010 with 1,145.

Below is a breakdown of serious crimes in Lower Merion in 2019:

Murder — 0
Manslaughter — 0
Rape — 1
Robbery — 19
Aggravated Assault — 8
Burglary — 80
Theft over $50 — 513
Theft under $50 — 273
Theft of auto — 36
Police also “cleared” 224 serious crimes, meaning the suspect was arrested.


Total police incidents — which include traffic stops and foot patrols — in 2019 were down from the past five years with 66,093.


Traffic crashes have decreased as well. In 2019, police-reported 2,107 crashes, none of which were fatal. In 2018, three people died in a total of 2,258 crashes.


Juvenile arrests were also at a 10-year low, with 55 reported in 2019. Fifty-nine juveniles were arrested in 2018; 2010 and 2013 saw the highest number of juvenile arrests with 167 each.


See more statistics, including traffic and parking citations, in the annual report here.

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