The District Works




Mission of the City Ave District


The City Ave District unites businesses, property owners, developers and residents in a common goal of making City Ave a great place to live, work, play, and learn.


With this shared vision, these groups create the City Ave everyone desires – a vibrant, inclusive environment, with neighborhoods, restaurants, shops, and businesses all contributing to a greater sense of community.


The City Avenue Special Services District (City Ave District) works with businesses, property owners, developers and residents. Here everyone has a voice, and each is heard. This includes our unique partnership between the City of Philadelphia and the Township of Lower Merion.


It’s a shared vision, to be sure. Those fun Food Spot events, that new landscaping, our safe streets and the overall good vibe of City Ave come from people and businesses determined to make something special together.


You should consider being a part of this team. We’re on a mission to find businesses and colleagues who want to live the good life, as they take advantage of the most accessible location in the region. Where else will you find so many big city amenities combined with the comforts of suburban living? Our real estate partners know businesses, restaurants and retailers will want to locate here, because advantageous zoning laws, eager employees and new amenities make City Ave a uniquely wonderful opportunity.


Won’t you join us?

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