City Ave by the Numbers







Below is an at a glance overview of data of the area in and around the City Ave District.*


Population:  104,693


Median Age:  40


Median Household Income:  $95,300


Educational Attainment:  56% with a bachelor degree or higher


Average Home Value:  $352,620


Total Housing:  46,541 houses


Residential Rental Stock:  26,000 units


Rental Range:  $900 – $2,000


Employees:  30,000+


Businesses:  600+


Office Space:  2.8 million sq. ft.


Office Occupancy:  Second densest office market in the Philadelphia region (only behind Center City Philadelphia)


Retail Space:  900,000 sq. ft.

*Data is from 2010 Census for 5 zip codes that make up the area in and around the City Ave District including 19066, 19004, 19131, 19151 and 19096.