City Ave Leadership Team

City Ave Leadership Team

Terrence Foley

President & CEO


Meet Terrence, the President & CEO of the City Ave District. He’s the man who led the charge for approval of the game-changing new zoning ordinance passed in 2012. It is transforming the area from a crowded auto-intensive corridor to a much more pedestrian-friendly, vibrant and diverse hub of businesses, residences, and entertainment.


Terrence oversees all aspects of the District’s management and its programs, including recently completed $7 million streetscape and lighting projects. What’s next? Oh, just an additional $9 million in improvements to come over the next three years.



Staff_johnJohn Collins

Director of Operations & Public Safety


John, a longtime officer of the Lower Merion Township Police Department, is now our Director of Operations & Public Safety. He’s responsible for managing and directing the City Ave District’s public safety activities and physical improvements.


He currently supervises the District’s successful Community Service Representative program, which provides invaluable support to the community, decreasing crime by 60% in the past decade. It’s John’s dedication to the District that is making City Ave safer than ever before.


 John can often be found riding his bike along City Ave with the CSRs. 



Briana Paschall

Marketing Coordinator


Briana is responsible for overseeing all marketing initiatives of the City Avenue Special Services District. She makes sure all of the CASSD social media accounts, website, and marketing materials are up to date. Briana is involved with event planning and logistics, such as the Annual CASSD Futurecast and Lunch & Learn Series.



A graduate of Temple University, Briana loves spending her time around the Philadelphia area and visiting her family in her hometown of Reading, PA.


Have an event you would like CASSD to promote? Briana will gladly assist you!




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